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Conflict Resolution, China


The Task

An organisation in China was having serious difficulties with labour relations at management level, creating a conflict between a relatively recently appointed managing director on one side, and a large number of managers and other senior staff on the other.

The Work

2 day deployment as mediator in dispute between managing director and workforce to identify causes and resolve dispute:

  • Planning and facilitation of group workshops and individual interviews, as well as private meetings between participants.
  • Follow-up workshop and team-building exercises to identify common goals, and reinforce team spirit and a sense of belonging to the organisation.

The Outcome

The causes were identified and the dispute was successfully resolved. Many staff had felt that the management and communication style of the new managing director was a principal cause of low levels of morale in the organisation, and some inferred that his lack of openness to other ideas and suggestions was one of the chief reasons for the low talent retention rate of the organisation. The board expressed that it highly valued the strong sense of dedication and passion for the organisation which all staff had shown, and the need to address some of the issues identified, but also insisted on its full support of the director. The managing director agreed that he would be open to more ideas, but also stressed the need for process in taking these ideas up.

More than 90% of participants felt that they were very satisfied with the outcome and claimed that the atmosphere at work had very much improved as a result. Staff retention also ceased to be a problem.






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