(Kingdom of Cambodia)

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Cambodia’s is one of Asia’s poorest countries, but in recent years it has become an increasingly attractive destination for out-sourcing labour intensive production, especially textiles.

As one of the poorest countries in Asia, the country is characterised by extremely low levels of education, high levels of corruption and poverty, as well as an almost total lack of infrastructure in the countryside. It's tragic history under the Khmer Rouge, which resulted in the death of millions, has left it with a very young population, 50% of which is under 25 years of age.

Nominally a democracy, its incumbent rulers are not shy of resorting to brutality in pursuing their aims, and general violence continues to be a major security hazard.

Opportunities for foreign business abound, including manufacturing, construction, tourism and some other services.

The country also has some valuable natural resources, including natural gas, gemstones, iron ore and other minerals, but little is known about their exact quantities.


Population: 14,702, 000
Capital City: Phnom Penh
Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Democracy
Languages: Khmer (official) 95%, French, English, Vietnamese, other
GDP per capita (PPP): $2,100
Growth Rate Fluctuation Range: 4%-11% per annum (est)


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