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While Singapore was long seen as playing second fiddle to Hong Kong, in recent years it has usurped the position, and is now recognised as the freest economy in the world.

Nominally a democracy, the city-state has been ruled by the same party for many decades. Its authoritarian approach to social issues, including censorship and harassment of opposition parties, has caused some resentment among some members of the citizenry, but the vast majority of the population has shown little interest in calling for wider freedoms and greater reforms.

Given it geographical position Singapore is a popular choice for the regional headquarters of many multi-national companies, and its well developed service sector is very active in other regional countries. Much of its trade is destined for other countries in the region and its port is considered to be one of the biggest and businest in the world.


Population: c. 4,740,740
Capital City: Singapore
Government: City-state, Parliamentary Republic
Languages: Mandarin Chinese (official), English (official), Malay (official), others (Cantonese, Hakka, Teochiew, Tamil)
GDP per capita (PPP): $62,100
Growth Rate Fluctuation: 10%-15%


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