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Manufacturing, Thailand


The Task

To manage a manufacturing business and improve business operations and performance.

The Work

A relatively recently established factory producing construction materials for the local market and neighbouring countries  for major projects and private clients was undergoing an internal restructuring programme following a change of senior management. The role primarily involved improving the business operations.

The Outcome

Improvements resulted in:

Customer satisfaction: developing better communication and consultation with customers rather than being purely led by commission. This, in turn, significantly reduced costs by introducing checks and insisting upon a right-first-time policy thereby reducing additional production and logistical costs associated with production mistakes and poor quality
Supplier relations: building better relations with suppliers through improved communications and prioritising cash flow allowed bills to be paid quicker and stock to be better managed
Quality control: better adherence reduced costly returns
Managing sub-contractors: improved management of production and teams allowed a better understanding of which team availability, incurred costs and whether to sub-contract or not
Cash flow and financial analysis: assessing the state of the company and advising directors on key financial ratios and performance criteria
Improving morale: having regular staff meetings informing them of company progress, major projects, outstanding issues and importantly the impact of each department’s work on the business as a whole; development of an incentive plan designed to improve morale and performance
Sales: development of the distributor network around the country and in neighbouring countries



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