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Market Research, Thailand


The Task

A global money transfer business was seeking to assess the success of its marketing activity and perception of the company from the perspective of its clients, resident overseas, who sent money, and their friends or family recipients in-country.

The Work

Research was designed to target a cross-section of people from Europe, the USA and Australia who send money to friends and family in Thailand. One-on-one in-depth-interviews (IDIs) were conducted in three different cities in different languages. Group discussions were conducted with the Thai recipients, in Thai. Each interview was recorded and transcribed.

The first task was to identify foreign visitors for in-depth-interviews who had been sending money to Thailand for at least three years, would be visiting at the time the research was taking place and were available to participate in the research. Confidentiality was key and IDIs over the phone in their respective countries was not permitted. Identification was through a mixture of Facebook advertising, local contacts and business colleagues, and direct approaches to potential tourists.

Research on the recipients was conducted in group sessions in each of the three cities.

The Outcome

The findings proved invaluable for the Client addressing important perceptions about the company both in Thailand and the resident country of the sender, and the stages clients go through in sending money to friends and family overseas from money transfer businesses to setting up bank accounts complete with cash cards. This was measured against responses for other new ways to transfer money. In addition the effectiveness of previous marketing campaigns was judged against proposed ideas with the Client sitting in on some of the sessions.



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