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Strategy is at the core of our business and the driving force of our five divisions, each of which provides a comprehensive range of services to help you plan, prepare and engage with China and Southeast Asia.

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Go East Marketing


Market Entry & Business Development Solutions


Are you profiting from Asia’s tremendous growth? If not, why not?

Whether you are an experienced player in the region or just planning your first tentative steps into these exciting markets, we are here to help you gain new business.

From strategic planning to hands-on project management, Go East Consulting offers a comprehensive range of market entry and business development solutions to help you identify and leverage new business opportunities in this rapidly growing area of the world.

  • Market Entry Advice
  • Business Opportunity Scans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Bespoke Market Research
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Force Mentoring
  • Interim Management
  • Establishing Distribution Channels
  • Partner Search
  • Establishing Local Representation
  • In addition, we provide services to companies from the region looking to invest in the UK, Western Europe and North America and help to match interested parties.

    To see whether we are able to help your business development needs, please contact us now: marketing@goeastconsulting.co.uk


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    Go East Intelligence


    Bespoke Research, Strategic Advice and Analysis


    Accurate information and the ability to access and assess it is the key to success in almost anything. When this is hard to come by or difficult to interpret, you won't get the full picture. You may even be getting the wrong picture.

    Go East Intelligence provides bespoke research and analysis, executive reports and strategic advice to help you understand and mitigate the risks of these different cultural, economic and regulatory environments.

    Through our extensive network of partners and associates in the region we have unparalleled access to some of the most senior experts and leaders in business, academia and government institutions granting you direct access to a wealth of information and market knowledge from the foremost experts.

    We only work with the best – top economists, business people, academics and journalists to provide you information that is timely, accurate, comprehensive and impartial.

    • Political, Economic & Regulatory Risks
    • Bespoke Market Research & Analysis
    • Non-financial Due Diligence & Corporate Investigations
    • Comparative Locational Advantage Analysis


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    Go East Communications


    Communications & Public Relations Solutions


    Communicating your message to audiences across political and cultural borders is a delicate task and history can point a finger at many blunders. Branding and advertsing campaigns that offend and enrage rather than inspire and engage the public, mis-handling of media relations in the face of product recalls and lawsuits, failure to present your concerns to the relevant authorities. Don’t let it be you!

    We can help you avoid these pitfalls by devising communication strategies that firmly take cultural and other systemic differences ito account to pre-empt such issues from occurring in the first place. We can help make your products and services more culturally appealing and attractive with our cross cultural branding and localisation services, as well as help you identify the most suitable avenues for engaging your audiences.

    We also have considerable experience in engaging governments and the media in Asia, and in association with our high-level network of contacts throughout the region, we offer crisis management services to represent your interests and minimise any potential damage in the face of regulatory and reputational risks.

    • Government Relations
    • Crisis Management
    • Branding & Localisation
    • Stakeholder Relations
    • Digital Communications
    • Writing & Editing
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • Events & Exhibitions

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    Go East Commerce


    Operational Support & Procurement Solutions


    Import, export, production and transport. Challenging at the best of times, and when the market is distant, the language different and culture perplexing, things don’t always go to plan.

    Costs running high? Looking for a cheaper supplier or perhaps considering out-sourcing part of the manufacturing process? Go East Consulting can help you source products and services from China and Southeast Asia in large or small quantities from highly engineered bespoke products to mass produced retail items.

    We can provide advice on all aspects of running your business overseas from finding a good local bookkeeper to translation services and head hunters. It’s about knowing the market, speaking the language, having great connections and being good at what we do.

    • Procurement & Out-sourcing
    • Business Process Optimisation
    • Partner Search & Vetting
    • Commercial Troubleshooting


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    Go East Training


    Training & Capacity Building Solutions


    Go East Training is our training and human resource support division, offering a range of training and mentoring programmes to prepare your staff on all aspects of doing business and living in Asia, as well as recruitment solutions for short- and long-term assignments.

    From cultural preparatory briefings to cross-cultural management programmes, we help your staff adjust to the challenges that they will face in both their professional and personal lives.

    We provide both in-house and remote training courses on best practice for doing business overseas, cross-cultural negotiations and handling cultural sensitivities in managing multi-ethnic teams. Our courses include:

  • International Relocation
  • International Sales & Marketing
  • Leadership & Management
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations
  • Grants of up to £1000 GBP in matched funding are available* for a number of our training and mentoring programmes (*for UK SMEs, subject to eligibility).

    For further details, please contact us on: training@goeastconsulting.co.uk


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